Self-Prophecy — Comotion 2013 Branding

This is a collaborative project of a title sequence for a motion graphics conference held in SCAD. It talks about a guy self-prophesying his destiny. Designers Jennifer Chua Jay Keeree Taylor English Isabella Carapella Switzon S. Wigfall III

This collaborative project is a title sequence for a motion graphics conference sponsored by SCAD entitled COMOTION 2013
The piece features a character that is facing the same obstacles everyday, as in the myth of Sisyphus. We abstracted the obstacles into primary shapes and envisioned live action composited with 3d and vector graphics to highlight the hybrid nature of the Motion Media discipline. We also wanted to take advantage of our proximity to the ocean and utilize that environment. Because Comotion was a day long event we decided to spread the sequence in various segments throughout the day, and before each speaker, with a climax at the very end of the event. 
Jennifer Chua
Jay Keeree 
Taylor English 
Isabella Carapella 
Switzon S. Wigfall III
We begin on a beach, where our main character is standing alone on a jetty. A flash of light blinds the viewer and a meteor shower begins to rain down in the sky. A stray of meteor lands close to the character, so he approaches it, discovering a glowing glyph. When he touches it, time freezes, the title is cut to the logo resolve.We have an alternative logo resolve if we choose not to reveal the logo in it’s entirity until the end.
The character decides to investigate the frozen beach and discovered a 3D triangle stuck in a glass 
cube. The Triangle is struggling to get out and is trapped in the cube. 

The character continues to walk along the beach, when suddenly the ground shakes and a large wall grows out of the sand and blocks his path.

The character is watching the tide roll in, when small marbles began to appear at his feet. They 
combine and grow into a larger sphereical shape.

The character sees himself cast on the shore, with a small table drawing furiously. We see close ups of the shapes that he is drawing. When he draws a circle the marble explodes, when he draws the square the wall crumbles and when he draws the triangle the bird frees itself. This form the final logo and the camera pans to the sky to resolve the comotion logo.

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